[These are some loose captions dislocated from their photos. I found them in a pile at the bottom of my mirror drawer, somewhat dusty, but legible for the most part.]

  • I will turn my questions into elements of decoration and wait for the answers.
  • A factory welcome brightens our day.
  • Harnessing of lethargy, woodland strolls.
  • Lament of the circulation signals, October.
  • Darla’s underground folio with leather pants.
  • Spider’s aspect comparison for leave-taking, folds dress the kite well and truly.
  • Avalanche of flawed trajectories, sleep of burden.
  • Parsing the cornette, twin crows in syncope.
  • Excellence of piano practice and fullness of metrical salvage.
  • Sea and sand, swarms of messages, Freda’s nylons.
  • Urgencies from overlay harmonics bring calm to Hemiola Harbour.
  • Clara seated while thinking of X from the shop window.
  • Vladimir’s piano in Moscow, with fingerprint stamps by Irina.
  • Quiet days in Miramichi, sadness of fritillaries.
  • Echo slicing for stiletto heels, Miranda’s hats revealed on Tuesday.
  • Passenger refrains for the long haul in holding light.
  • Clara’s teapots facing north.
  • Melancholy of evening through the broken window, pillars of industry, that children’s choir.
  • Threading the white nights, black afternoons, all must come down.
  • Sullen coast in the rear view mirror, Mamainse.
  • Poison glow of tubular rings hollow no containment for mordant chords.
  • How to flog a dead horse, using only a cold fish, even as the cow notices the train going by.
  • Push and pull at the underpins gravity, it will come a splendid disarticulation.
  • Lack of vigilance favours the unsyllabic, ready for Marla’s percoils.
  • Two against three holding a pause, waiting for three against two to slip their moorings.
  • Symbolic corner, where did Alice?

[more to come . . .]